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Best Studying method is Speaking

You wish to speak Japanese more fluently, but you don’t know what to do.

I have no friends or teachers nearby who speak Japanese.

Even if you study Japanese with vocabulary and teaching materials, you cannot speak when you meet a Japanese person.

If you are looking for a good way to learn to speak Japanese more fluently, today I would like to share with you a very special method.

That is “soliloquizing training.”

You speak in Japanese about a topic you have decided on or something that happened yesterday.

This “soliloquizing training” is very effective.

There is no one listening, so you can take your time and slowly make sentences in your head and output them without being nervous.

When you speak Japanese with Japanese people, it is a place of practice.

“What should I say in this situation?”

You don’t have time to think slowly like that, which makes you rush.

But with soliloquy training, you can restate your sentence as many times as you want.

And no matter how slowly you speak, it’s okay.

As you practice, you will gradually be able to express your feelings in Japanese.

There is one important point. 

If there’s something you wanted to say but couldn’t, take a note and look it up later.

Whatever you couldn’t say when you were by yourself, you probably won’t be able to say it in front of people. 

So, write down the words and expressions that you couldn’t say during your practice and look them up later.

Just start with 5 minutes per day.

But you might be worried.

“I don’t know what I can talk about.”

“I’m not sure if I’m saying it correctly.”

If that’s the case, why don’t you ask your Japanese teacher to accompany you for conversation practice?

With a Japanese teacher, they will ask you questions and correct whatever you say incorrectly by teaching you correct Japanese!

What if you had a teacher who would accompany you to a practice?

Don’t you think you will gain confidence in your speaking skills as you learn to speak more and more?

Our school has many teachers who will practice with you.

You can ask your teacher to correct whatever you said incorrectly.

One of my students once told me this:


I have a better understanding of Japanese culture. Also my teacher found me a workbook which has really helped me understand a use basic sentences. I really appreciate her assistance

I think Japanese is difficult to learn, but that it’s easier to learn because of my teacher being a person not an app. Being a native speaker and having the patience to answer my questions in English (because I’m not able to formulate my questions in Japanese yet)

My teacher’s workbook and focus on my learning style (speaking first, then grammar) has really helped me.


Wouldn’t you like to study Japanese at a school with teachers who help you like this?

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If you are having trouble speaking Japanese nearby, try attending Ohanasi Kagawa’s free events run by us.

You will have an environment where you can talk one-on-one with Japanese people.

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