Don't lose your Purpose

“I wish I could speak Japanese more fluently.”


People like that will try to study a lot of new words and grammar.

They might be desperate in their attempts to memorize the vocabulary.

Maybe they will watch thousands of videos to learn grammar.


Let me ask you a question.

What is your purpose for studying Japanese?

Memorizing words? 

Or memorizing lots of difficult grammar?


Of course, you may be studying Japanese to master vocabulary and grammar, but isn’t your goal “to be able to say what you want to say in Japanese”?

Then why do many learners lose sight of their purpose and goals?

Focus on being able to communicate

The reason why many learners lose sight of their purpose and goals is  they “don’t have an environment where you can actually talk with Japanese people.


Without an environment where you can speak Japanese with Japanese people, the only thing you can do is learn vocabulary and grammar.

If you study only vocabulary and grammar, you will start to think of Japanese as an academic discipline, even though it is supposed to be just a communication tool.


If you can speak with Japanese people on a daily basis, you will naturally ask yourself,

“What can I do to speak more fluently with the Japanese?”

This will help you focus on being able to communicate.

As a result, you will start studying to be able to speak.


What happens when you just must study the vocabulary and grammar you need to be able to have a conversation?

What if you could achieve your goals without wasting time?

Wouldn’t you feel your life would be richer if you could enjoy more conversation and sightseeing in Japan in your free time?

Are you still not confident to focus on your purpose?

That said, you might still not be confident to focus on your purpose.


You might not be sure how to study Japanese. 

For people like that, we are currently offering free Japanese language consultation and free lessons for a limited number of 10 people each month.


You don’t know how to study Japanese. 

If you are interested in taking Japanese lessons to solve what you don’t understand, please feel free to join us.

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