【Free】1 on 1 Japanese Lesson with a Native Japanese Teacher

※Limited time offer of illustrated vocabulary cards to help you remember Japanese easily after participating in the trial lesson!🎁



Are you struggling to learn Japanese? Would you like to be able to speak Japanese better?
Do you have any of these problems?

– You are studying Japanese on your own, but often have trouble with it.
– You have trouble saying what you want to say in Japanese.
– You have trouble remembering words and grammar.

We offer a free Japanese lesson event where our Japanese teacher will teach you a grammar lesson or help you with something you don’t understand in Japanese.

– Our teacher will give you a lesson that fits your needs.
– Our teacher will correct your Japanese mistakes with care.
– If you have never taken Japanese lessons before, you may experience what it’s like!

We are currently organizing Ohanasi Kagawa, a language exchange event with over 3,000 members, on weekends!

– In the free lesson, the teacher has a long experience of teaching Japanese, so you can learn without worries.
– Our teachers also speak English, so even if you don’t speak Japanese now, don’t worry!
– First, the teacher will provide you with counseling about your Japanese language study!

First, we’d like you to book a free lesson, so click on the link below to book a time that’s convenient for you.

– If you book your schedule, you’ll get an email with a link for your lesson!
– You can’t book a lesson on Meetup, so be sure to use the link below to select your calendar and book your lesson!

Book a Japanese Consultation & Trial Lesson below 👇

Aki sensei

Japanese counselor

Japanese teacher

Fumiaki sensei

Japanese counselor

Japanese teacher

Satomi sensei

Japanese counselor

Japanese teacher

Free Japanese study consultation hosted by Ohanasi Kagawa

We are an international exchange community that holds free online language exchange events on weekends.
More than 2000 people from over 50 countries have participated so far.
For more information about Ohanasi Kagawa, please visit our website.

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