Ohanasi Kagawa Online International Exchange Event Terms of Use

The Ohanasi Kagawa Online International Exchange Event Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) are the rules that apply to all users of the online international exchange events hosted by Ohanasi Kagawa. If you wish to participate in an event, please agree to these terms and conditions and the privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the “Privacy Policy”) separately stipulated by the secretariat before completing the application process.

Article 1 (Definitions)

Definitions of terms in this agreement are as follows.

  1. “Event” refers to Ohanasi Kagawa international exchange event.
  2. “Secretariat” refers to the Ohanasi Kagawa management office.
  3. The “Service” refers to the entire range of services provided by the Secretariat in accordance with these Terms, including organization, recruitment, decision, change, implementation, cancellation, and other operation management related to the
  4. “This Website” refers to the website of Ohanasi Kagawa.
  5. “This Web Application” refers to the web application of Ohanasi Kagawa.
  6. “Applicant” refers to those who wish to participate in the Event. There is no age limit to participate in the Event. However, if the Applicant is under the age of 16, he/she must obtain the consent of a guardian and use that guardian’s account on the communication service “Remo” designated by the Secretariat to participate in the Event.
  7. “Participant” refers to those who has applied for participation in an Event in accordance with Article 4 and has been approved to participate in the Event.
  8. “Online System” refers to the communication service “Remo” designated by the Secretariat.

Article 2 (Event management principle)

  1. As a general rule, the Event will be run using an online system in which Participants will be paired up for conversation. However, if any of the following situations apply, the Event may be held in pairs of three people.
  1. If the total number of Participants is odd
  2. In the event of a last minute cancellation or no-show by a Participant
  3. If a mechanical problem occurs during the Event and the number of Participants suddenly decreases
  4. Other cases judged by the Secretariat


  1. The operation of the Event shall be conducted in a manner in which Japanese and English are used in turn for conversation at intervals of time determined by the Secretariat in accordance with the preceding paragraph. Participants shall endeavor to conduct conversations using each language in a well-balanced manner.


  1. The Participant on the other party of the conversation at the Event is not necessarily a native speaker. For this reason, the Participant shall not make any objection to the other Participant or the Secretariat even if the other Participant is not a native speaker.


  1. As set forth in Paragraphs 1 and 2, talkability on a one-on-one basis is important at the Event. Therefore, if a Participant cancels participation in an Event at the last-minute, or is absent without notice, it will interfere with the operation of the Event and cause inconvenience to other Participants. For this reason, the following rules shall apply to participation in the Event, and all Participants shall strictly adhere to these rules.
  1. Participants shall not be absent from the Event without a cancellation procedure.
  2. When a Participant wishes to cancel participation in an Event, the Participant must conduct the cancellation procedure at least one hour before the start of the Event in this web application.
  3. Participants who violate any of the rules in (1) or (2) even once will receive one additional violation of the cancellation policy in this web application. Besides, If a Participant cancels without notice or within one hour before the start of the Event three times, the Participant will not be allowed to participate in any future Events. However, if the Participant takes special measures such as explaining the circumstances to the Secretariat and paying a cancellation fee, the Participant may be allowed to participate again.

Article 3 (Date and time of the Event)

The Secretariat shall set the date and time of the Event and display it on the Website. However, the date and time of the Event may change at the discretion of the Secretariat, or the Event itself may be canceled. For this reason, Participants shall always check the Website for the latest date and time of the Event.

Article 4 (Application for Events)

Upon agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, Applicants shall sign up for an event on this web application accurately and apply for participation on the date and time of their choice. Participants will be decided on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, applying for participation does not guarantee that you will be able to attend the Event.

Article 5 (Event participation fee)

The Event is run, funded by supporters and collaborators of Ohanasi Kagawa’s activities. For this reason, Participants do not need to pay a fee to attend the Event.

Article 6 (How to participate in the Event)

  1. The Secretariat shall send a notice that the web page to enter the online system has been opened (hereinafter referred to as the “Invitation notification”) to the e-mail address entered by the applicant at the time of this web application registration procedure set out in Article 4.


  1. The Secretariat shall not take any responsibility for non-delivery of Invitation notifications caused by incorrect input of the Participant’s e-mail address, reception restrictions, junk mail sorting, or other reasons by the Participant. For this reason, Participants shall be sure to contact the Secretariat at least one hour prior to the time of the Event if the Invitation notification has not been received by the day before the Event.


  1. Participants shall comply with the following when participating in the Event.
  1. Connect to the online system by the time specified by the secretariat before the Event starts.
  2. There shall be one Participant per device.
  3. The event URL shall be used only by the Participant, and shall not be redistributed or shared with third parties (including family members).

Article 7 (Notes for Participants)

  1. The recommended environment for participating in the Event is as follows.
  1. Use a PC instead of a smartphone.
  2. Use the browser recommended by Remo.
  3. Use earphones or headphones.


  1. Participants shall not be able to specify which other Participants they wish to converse with. The Secretariat shall decide each combination, and the Secretariat shall not accept any complaints from Participants.


  1. At their own expense and responsibility, Participants shall, prepare an environment with an Internet connection that ensures a certain level of communication speed necessary to connect to the online system.


  1. The Secretariat shall not assume any responsibility for any trouble, damage, etc., arising in connection with poor communication or system failure of the Online System. In addition, the Secretariat shall not provide individual support for connection and usage of the Online System. Besides, Participants may be forced to leave the Event if the staff judges that the other party cannot speak at Mechatra during the one-on-one talk of the Event.


  1. The Secretariat shall not recommend that Participants exchange contact information directly with each other at the Event. Participants shall do this at their own risk, and the Secretariat shall not bear any responsibility.


  1. At the Event, the Secretariat merely provides a place for Participants to engage in conversation. For this reason, the Secretariat shall not be liable for any disadvantages that Participants may suffer as a result of using the Event.


  1. Any problems, claims, disputes, etc. that may arise between Participants or between Participants and third parties at the Event shall be resolved by the Participants at their own responsibility and expense, and the Secretariat shall not take any responsibility.



Article 8 (Change/cancellation of Event date and time)

The Secretariat may, at its discretion, change the date and time of the Event or cancel the Event. In such cases, the Secretariat shall notify the email address entered by the Applicant during application procedures stipulated in Article 4.

Article 9 (Prohibited matters)

Participants are free to engage in conversation at their own risk. However, Participants shall not engage in the following behaviors. In addition, Participants shall report to the Secretariat if they find other Participants who engage in the following behaviors.

  1. Words or actions that discriminate against other Participants based on race, creed, gender, social status, or family origin.
  2. Words or actions that discriminate against other Participants in terms of political, economic, or social relationships.
  3. Words or actions that deny or criticize the ideas, beliefs, etc. held by other Participants
  4. Words or actions that deny or criticize the religion, culture, customs, or conventions of other Participants.
  5. Words and actions that impose one’s own assertions without consideration for the situation and background of other Participants.
  6. Words or actions that slander or defame other Participants, the Secretariat, or third parties
  7. Words or actions that may cause harassing behavior or harassment of other Participants, the Secretariat, or third parties.
  8. Words and actions that are against the reasonable intentions of other Participants and that harm their rights or interests.
  9. Words and actions that are not based on facts and are based exclusively on prejudice and assumptions.
  10. Words and actions that distort or exaggerate the facts.
  11. Words or actions done in a state of temporary emotion and lack of composure works and actions that lack a sense of responsibility that would not be said when interviewing in person.
  12. Words or actions that unnecessarily inflame the concerns of other Participants
  13. Words or actions that contain personal information of a specific person or information that may infer that
  14. Words and actions that violate laws and regulations or are offensive to public order and morals
  15. Words and actions that offer to buy or sell privately for the purpose of profit
  16. Words or actions that induce other Participants to join your ideology, belief, religion, etc.
  17. Other words and actions that the Secretariat deems inappropriate

Article 10 (Suspension of the Service, etc.)

  1. The Secretariat may suspend the provision of all or part of the Service without notice in any of the following cases.
  1. For urgent computer system inspection and maintenance
  2. In the event of a power outage, server failure, etc.
  3. In the event of a defect in the computer, communication line, etc.
  4. In case of force majeure such as earthquake, lightning strike, fire, etc.
  5. Other cases deemed necessary by the Secretariat


  1. In the event that a Participant violates or is deemed likely to violate any of the Terms, the Secretariat may, without notice, suspend the provision of the Service to the Participant and disqualify the Participant from using the Service.


  1. The Secretariat shall not be liable for any damage incurred by a Participant under the preceding two Articles. In addition, the Secretariat may make claims against Participants and former Participants for any damages incurred by the Secretariat under the preceding Article.

Article 11 (Exceptions to the disclaimer, etc.)

All of the provisions in these Terms that exempt the Secretariat from liability shall not apply in cases where the Secretariat is willfully or grossly negligent. In addition, even if any part of any provision of these Terms is invalid, rescinded, or enjoined under the Civil Code, Consumer Contract Law, or other laws and regulations, the remaining provisions shall continue to be in full force and effect.

Article 12 (Ownership of Rights)

  1. All copyrights, trademark rights, design rights, portrait rights, and any other rights in the Service shall belong to the Secretariat or the right holders who have granted permission to the Secretariat, except for those rights that have belonged to the Participants or third parties before being used in the Service.


  1. A Participant shall not use, divert, reprint, reproduce, etc., any information in the Services that includes rights belonging to the Secretariat without the Secretariat’s permission in accordance with the preceding paragraph.


  1. A Participant shall grant the Secretariat a free license to all copyrights (including the rights under Articles 27 and 28 of the Copyright Act) in the information provided to the Secretariat, and shall not exercise any moral rights.

Article 13 (Exclusion of Anti-social forces)

  1. Participant represents and confirms that he/she does not fall under the category of organized crime syndicates, their members, an associate member of an organized crime syndicate, their affiliated company, racketeer groups, groups engaging in criminal activities under the pretext of conducting social campaigns, special intelligence violence group, and others equivalent to those (hereinafter referred to as “Anti-social forces”) based on the language and definition of each country in which the Participant resides, and that he/she does not fall under any of the following categories, and will not fall under any of the following categories in the future.
  1. Having a relationship in which Anti-social forces are recognized as controlling the management
  2. Having a relationship in which Anti-social forces are recognized to be substantially involved in the management
  3. Having a relationship that is deemed as unjustly using Anti-social forces , such as for the purpose of gaining unjust benefits for oneself, the company, or a third party, or for the purpose of causing damage to a third party.
  4. Having a relationship with Anti-social forces that is recognized as being involved in the provision of funds or other benefits to the antisocial force.
  5. An officer or a person substantially involved in the management has a socially reprehensible relationship with Anti-social forces.


  1. Participants shall not commit any of the following acts by themselves or by using a third party.
  1. Violent demands
  2. Unreasonable demands beyond legal responsibilities
  3. An act that uses threatening words or violence in relation to transactions An act of spreading false rumors, damaging the credibility of the other party, or obstructing the other party’s business using deception or force

Article 14 (Handling of personal information)

  1. The Secretariat shall handle Participants’ personal information in accordance with the Privacy Policy.


  1. The Secretariat does not proactively collect, use, or provide personal information for conversations that Participants have with each other through the Online System at the Event.

Article 15 (Legal interpretation, Jurisdictional agreement)

  1. The official version of these Terms of Use shall be the one made in Japanese. If there is a version translated into a foreign language, such translated version shall be considered to be merely a reference and shall be interpreted in accordance with Japanese law, with the version created in Japanese always being the official version.


  1. If the need for litigation arises with respect to these Terms, the district court or summary court with jurisdiction over the address of the Secretariat shall be the exclusive agreed jurisdictional court of first instance, depending on the amount of the suit.

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