Two solutions for those who blank out!

“I wish I could speak Japanese more fluently.”

But when you are in front of a Japanese person, your mind goes blank.

Have you had that experience?

When your mind goes blank, you can’t get any words out.

“I don’t know what to do.” and you get into a panic.

I understand how you feel.

I myself have been studying English as a second language, but when I had to speak with English speakers,

my mind often went blank and I could not remember the words and phrases that I had learned.

However, since I have started to do two things, I gradually was able to talk without my mind going blank.

So, I will tell you about those methods!

The first solution to break through the mind blanks

The first way is to get used to talking to Japanese people.

Some people think that they are afraid to talk to Japanese people because they will go blank.

However, the quickest way to solve this is for you to actually get used to speaking Japanese with Japanese people.

For example, if you had to give a speech in front of everyone for the first time, you would be nervous that your mind would go blank.

However, after giving speeches in front of everyone many times, you will gradually get used to it and be able to speak confidently.

Like this, if you practice speaking with Japanese people, you will never get nervous again.

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The Second solution to break through the mind blanks

And another way would be to “not be afraid of making mistakes.”

If you are afraid of making mistakes, you will become anxious.

I often found myself unable to say anything when speaking with English speakers because I was afraid of making a mistake.

Many people who are afraid of making mistakes are often perfectionists.

Rather than trying to be perfect in Japanese sentences,

it is more important to be able to convey what you want to say to Japanese people even if you make some mistakes.

Please remember that Japanese is just a tool to communicate with Japanese people!

Are you still not confident in your Japanese speaking ability?


That said, you might still not be confident in your Japanese speaking ability.


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