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An environment dedicated to ease of speaking

Ohanasi Kagawa is committed to creating a safe and comfortable environment for Japanese and English learners to speak with each other at our events.

We have a one-on-one conversational style and switch languages every 15 minutes so that both parties can comfortably output their own language.

The event venue is not Zoom, which is used for conferences, but Remo, a platform that provides an environment more akin to a real-life event.

Participants from
Diverse Countries

Ohanasi Kagawa has had participants from over 50 countries We have had participants from over 50 countries to date.
The gathering of people from different countries in the same space allows us to learn about different cultures and ways of thinking.

Not only that, but by being exposed to the different languages and accents of the different countries and prefectures of Japan, as well as the Japanese and English accents, you will be able to develop your practical speaking, listening and communicative skills.

SAFETY: Safety at its best

Ohanasi Kagawa is committed to the safety of our events.

Today, there are more and more international exchange events, apps, bars, and so on. But is it safe enough to say "yes" when your child's children ask to go to such places?

Ohanasi Kagawa is working to create an environment where students can enjoy international exchange in English and Japanese with confidence by managing participants, patrolling staff, enforcing rules, and dealing with participants who do not follow the rules.