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More comfortably and
more safely connecting
Japan and the world

Ohanasi Kagawa offers one-to-one online events in Japanese and English on weekends in order to provide an easy and comfortable connection between people from Japan and all over the world.

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An environment dedicated to ease of communication, with 98.1% of participants saying they would like to participate again.
At Ohanasi Kagawa, we create an environment where participants feel comfortable talking to each other.
The basic format is one-on-one talk, alternating between Japanese and English.
The language is switched every 15 minutes so that participants can enjoy a win-win situation where they can be both learners and teachers.

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Exchange Events

Practical exchange events like study abroad
A cultural event to learn more about Japanese culture
and to connect Japan and the world.

Ohanasi Kagawa offers two types of social events: social events where you can work in a friendly atmosphere in Japanese and English, and cultural events where you can learn about Japanese culture and skills.
In addition, Ohanasi Kagawa offers webinars and free content to help learners of Japanese.
We will continue to support people from Japan and all over the world to connect with each other through various events.

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About Us

"Connecting and Expanding the World" A world where people can have new perspectives, transcend the boundaries, and live more authentically.
We at Ohanasi Kagawa believe that if Japan and the world become more connected, new encounters, new experiences, and new ways of thinking will be born, and each one of us will have a broader perspective. And when you have a broader view, you will feel new possibilities in your own nave.

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