Ohanasi Kagawa

Message from the Representative

Hello everyone, my name is Aki and I am the president of Ohanasi Kagawa.
I first decided to start Ohanasi Kagawa when I was studying English in Japan before entering university in the United States.
In Japan, there are still very few opportunities to speak English with people from other countries, and I wanted to communicate with people from other countries using English more often.
I live in Kagawa Prefecture in Japan, which is still a rural area, and there were even fewer opportunities to meet people from overseas.
When I was feeling resigned to the fact that I could not find the place I was looking for, I realized that there were people nearby who had the same problem.
If there are people nearby with similar problems and pain, I wanted to create a place where we can solve them.
With this in mind, I created Ohanasi Kagawa, the first international exchange community where people from Japan and overseas could interact.

The following year, I went to the U.S. to study but the COVID-19 broke out. I wondered if there was anything I could do while I was closed in a room.
I started Ohanasi Kagawa, an international exchange event online, and was able to create a place where people from all over the world could connect with people in Japan.
As I continued to organize Ohanasi Kagawa events online, I realized that Japanese language learners around the world shared my frustration that there was no place where people from Japan and other countries could easily interact.
Yes, it is true. English learners all over Japan and Japanese learners all over the world shared the same feeling as me.
I wanted to solve the same problem and pain that we all had: "There is no place where people from Japan and other countries can easily communicate with each other.
That is Ohanasi Kagawa.
The ultimate goal of Ohanasi Kagawa is to be a place where young people from all over Japan and the world can broaden their horizons, realize their potential, and enrich their lives through international exchange.
Ohanasi Kagawa will be the best place in the world.
Ohanasi Kagawa will continue its activities to become the world's number one platform for international exchange.
We hope that you will continue to participate in Ohanasi Kagwa and encourage us with your support