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Is Japanese Bread Special? Three Breads You Must Try

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Japanese bread

For those interested in Japanese food, I would like to recommend Japanese bread.

Many of you might be familiar with Japanese bread. It has appeared in recent anime and manga, along with ramen and onigiri (rice balls).

What makes Japanese bread so special is its softness.

The fluffy texture of the bread will certainly surprise foreigners who are used to eating hard bread.

You will also be surprised at the many varieties of bread available.

There are many different types of breads to choose from, ranging from sweet dessert breads to side dish breads with ingredients on top.

We recommend freshly baked bread from a bakery, but you can easily find good bread at convenience stores as well.

Here are some breads I would like to recommend. When you visit Japan, be sure to try some of these breads.

Cute looking メロンパン“Melon pan”

Do you know why the melon pan got its name?

There are several theories, but one is that it resembles a muskmelon because of the lattice pattern in its appearance.

There is no melon in the bread.

Some melon pan has a slight aroma of melon.

The main feature of the melon pan is the use of cookie dough on top of the bread.

At first bite, you will be surprised by the texture of the crispy cookie.

Then, you will be impressed by the softness of the bread inside.

Recently, there have been melon pans, like the one with cream. However, we recommend you try the simple melon pan.

In Asakusa, Tokyo, there is a store that specializes in melon bread.

Mysterious food? カレーパン “Curry pan”

Curry pan is bread with curry inside.

Furthermore, this bread is not baked in an oven but fried in oil.

That is why the surface of the bread is crispy.

The soft bread is filled with spicy curry, and it can be eaten as a snack or a lunch.

There are different kinds of curry ingredients, depending on the bakery.

Beef Curry

Keema Curry

Curry with lots of vegetables

If you come across freshly fried curry bread at a bakery, it is worth a try!

The classic flavor! あんぱん”An pan”

Azuki beans are an essential part of wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets).

There are two types of an: tsubu-an and koshi-an.

Tsubu-an is made with the azuki bean skin left on, while koshi-an is made by removing the azuki bean skin and rubbing the azuki bean paste into a smooth paste.

A pan is available in both koshi-an and tsubu-an.

The soft buns are filled with a sweet bean paste that is not too sweet.

Anpan is a perfect introduction to Japanese sweets.

Why not give it a try?

Let’s talk about Japanese bread at Ohanashi Kagawa!