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Latest Online Resources to Improve Your Japanese Listening Practice While Having Fun for 2023

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Are you looking for ways to improve your Japanese listening skills? This article will introduce you to the latest 2023 online resources to help you with your Japanese listening practice methods. By the end of the article, you will be able to enjoy a variety of online, app, podcast, and other media methods for Japanese listening practice!

Online Resources for Improving Listening Skills

First, here are some of the latest online resources for improving your Japanese listening skills.

Why are online resources important?

– Latest Online Resources for 2023

We will pick up resources for beginners through advanced learners!

Why Online Resources are Important for?

There are many benefits to using online resources to improve your Japanese listening skills. For example, you will have the opportunity to listen to Japanese with a variety of accents and become familiar with regional pronunciation and intonation. In addition, the online resources are available at any time, allowing for regular practice. Furthermore, they cover a wide range of topics and are useful for listening to real conversations and information. Specific ways to use the resources include selecting and listening to audio content by region, practicing listening regularly, and incorporating listening practice on topics that interest you. As you practice these methods, you will consistently improve your listening skills.

The Latest Online Resources for 2023

Here are three recommended online resources for Japanese listening practice in 2023.

NHK News Web Easy is a listening practice application recommended for beginner to intermediate level learners. It uses simple news articles and audio to help students improve their Japanese listening skills.

LingQ uses audio and text at the same time to strengthen listening and reading skills at the same time.

JapanesePod101 is a podcast-style audio lesson that improves your listening skills through real conversations in Japanese.

Use these resources according to your own learning style and goals to improve your Japanese listening skills.

Listening Practice Using the Best Apps

Next, we will introduce the best apps to improve your listening skills.

– Advantages of Using Apps for Listening Practice
– Latest Listening Practice Apps for 2023

Apps offer the convenience of practicing anytime, anywhere, so make the most of them!

Benefits of Practicing Listening with Apps

Practicing Japanese Listening with Apps has the following advantages. First, it is highly flexible, allowing you to practice listening on the move. Second, there is an interactive learning experience unique to apps, allowing you to practice your listening skills in practical situations. Furthermore, the customizable learning experience allows you to tailor your practice to your level and goals. Take advantage of these benefits to improve your listening skills effectively!

The Latest Listening Practice Apps for 2023

Here are three of the latest apps for Japanese listening practice in 2023.

Lingodeer (iOS / Android): This app specializes in learning multiple languages including Japanese. It offers listening practice through real conversations. Listen to audio as you progress through the lessons and repeat dialogs and sentences to improve your listening skills.

HelloTalk (iOS / Android): A language exchange app, HelloTalk allows you to have real-time audio conversations and exchange voice messages with native Japanese speakers. Improve your listening skills through communication with native speakers.

NHK World Japan (iOS / Android): A variety of Japanese language content is offered, including news, documentaries, and entertainment. You can listen to real-time news and past programs, and learn accurate pronunciation and natural expressions in Japanese. Subtitles and commentary are also available within the application, allowing you to check your understanding as you learn.

While listening to audio content, acquire practical listening skills through repeat practice and participation in conversations. With regular practice and active engagement, you can improve your Japanese listening skills!

How to Practice Effective Japanese Listening Practice with Podcasts

This section introduces the effectiveness of listening practice through podcasts and specific ways to use podcasts.

– Benefits of Listening Practice Through Podcasts
– Latest Podcasts for Listening Practice in 2023

Benefits of Practicing Japanese Listening with Podcasts

Practicing Japanese listening with podcasts offers the benefits of real-life Japanese language learning and a variety of topics. Podcasts improve listening skills by providing an opportunity to learn natural Japanese expressions and cultural nuances through real conversations. They cover a wide variety of topics, so you can choose the areas that interest you while you study. In addition, podcasts can be listened to on-demand, so you can study anytime and anywhere, including while traveling or waiting for a flight. Easy access to the podcasts via smartphone or tablet increases learning continuity. Listening to podcasts on a regular basis will help you improve your realistic Japanese usage, accent, vocabulary and expressions. Choose topics that interest you and build your confidence through listening practice.

The Latest Podcasts for Japanese Listening Practice in 2023

Here are the latest podcasts for Japanese listening practice in 2023. We will explain the features, usage, and evaluation of each podcast.

Spotify’s podcast feature offers Japanese podcasts in a variety of genres and can be customized to your personal interests and level. Easy-to-use features include offline playback, playlist creation, and playback speed adjustment. Improve your Japanese listening skills and expand your knowledge of Japanese culture and language through podcasts.

JLPT stories

The Real Japanese Podcast

Bilingual News is a free podcast on iTunes. News topics are covered in both Japanese and English, and are discussed by two hosts, one speaking primarily in Japanese and the other in English. Listening to the Japanese portion improves your listening skills and exposes you to real-world conversations on a variety of topics. The bilingual format also allows you to check your understanding by referring to the English portion.


Nihongo con Teppei is hosted by Teppei-san, a Japanese teacher, and focuses on natural everyday conversation. Teppei-san covers interesting topics, interviews guests, and provides explanations in an informal and friendly atmosphere. The episodes help students improve their listening skills and acquire useful expressions commonly used in everyday life.


In this article, we have detailed the use of Japanese listening practice applications and podcasts. Make the most of these resources to improve your Japanese listening skills!

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