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Do you want to meet your ideal online Japanese tutor? Are you looking for a new way to learn Japanese? With online Japanese tutoring, you can learn at your own pace without being limited by time or location. With Ohanasi Kagawa, you are sure to find the right tutor for yourself. This article explains why we at Ohanasi Kagawa recommend studying Japanese and how to get the most out of your learning experience. If you read to the end, you will know how to find the right online Japanese tutor for yourself! We are here to help you learn Japanese effectively and communicate with confidence. Start a new learning experience and explore the fascinating world of the Japanese language!

Why should you choose our Online Japanese Tutoring?

First, let us explain why you should choose our online Japanese tutoring: Ohanasi Kagawa’s online Japanese events offer flexibility, accessibility, and a unique language exchange experience.


Participants are not restricted by time or location, and they can work at their own pace! At the events, participants can improve their Japanese conversational skills by communicating with Japanese speakers in real time through the online platform. At our unique language exchange events, participants will be able to deepen their cultural understanding and enjoy cross-cultural exchange through dialogue with Japanese speakers. Our events are a great opportunity for learners to learn Japanese effectively while having fun, while providing flexibility and accessibility. Let’s take a closer look below!

Flexibility and Accessibility

Ohana Kagawa’s online language exchange events are flexible and accessible. Because they are online, you can participate from anywhere in the world. You can choose from six event dates and times per month on weekends to fit your schedule. The events themselves are free, and since there is no need to travel, you save time and transportation costs. With the unique features of online learning, this is the perfect way for those who want to learn at their own pace despite their busy schedules; take advantage of Ohanashi Kagawa’s online language exchange events and learn at your own pace, free from the constraints of location and time. The key is to enjoy an experience that offers flexibility and convenience and leads to continued learning.

Unique Language Exchange Events

Ohanasi Kagawa’s unique language exchange events are a great opportunity to improve your Japanese language skills through real conversations. By interacting with Japanese speakers and other learners, you can hone your natural ability to express yourself. Another advantage of learning from actual Japanese speakers is that you can learn pronunciation and cultural nuances that can be easily conveyed. Furthermore, you can make friends through interaction with international participants. In this way, Ohanasi Kagawa events provide an exciting and enriching language exchange experience for learners. Participants can enrich their Japanese language learning experience by practicing their skills and connecting with people from different cultures and backgrounds. We invite you to join Ohanasi Kagawa’s unique language exchange events for hands-on learning and international networking!

No Expertise Required: How We Teach

Ohanasi Kagawa believes that participants do not need to be an expert in teaching Japanese to teach Japanese. The emphasis is on building a teaching relationship between Japanese speakers who learn English and English speakers who learn Japanese by interacting with each other. With continuous real-time feedback from each other, learners can continue to grow through self-assessment, and we believe that Ohanasi Kagawa’s approach is an effective way to help learners learn Japanese with confidence. Anyone can participate in the program, even if they are not a specialist in Japanese language education, so it is recommended for those who feel that attending a Japanese language school is too much of a hurdle. Join us and try the experience of teaching each other the language.

Make the most of your learning with Japanese Tutoring Near You!

Ohanasi Kagawa aims to maximize your learning experience with Japanese tutoring near you. We are making international exchange more accessible, creating a place where people from Japan and around the world can connect more easily and safely. The appeal of this program is that Japanese speakers who are interested in international exchange are highly motivated to learn the language, as they are motivated to learn English. All participants are eager to learn the language, so even those who feel that they lack confidence in their own Japanese can feel comfortable participating.

 Accessible Japanese Culture

Through Online Japanese Tutoring, learners have the opportunity to experience Japanese culture through Ohanasi Kagawa’s Language Exchange, where they can ask Japanese speakers directly about Japanese culture. You can learn about Japanese etiquette and social customs, and deepen your understanding of greetings and behaviors that improve the atmosphere. By acquiring knowledge about Japanese customs, traditions, and food culture in the course of Japanese language tutoring, you will deepen your understanding of Japanese culture. Through the flexibility of the online environment and real-time communication, you can enjoy both language learning and Japanese culture at the same time, and through Ohanasi Kagawa’s program, you can broaden your international horizons while learning Japanese and experiencing Japanese culture!

Ohanasi Kagawa’s language exchange events are held six times a month on weekends. Participants can attend events at their convenience, so please check the schedule. Applications are available through the Ohanasi Kagawa website. You can sign up first and then apply for the event of your choice. Ohanasi Kagawa’s language exchange events are a great way to experience online Japanese tutoring.

We tailor the learning experience to fit your lifestyle. We place the highest priority on participants’ ease of speaking, interaction, and safety, so you can focus on your language exchange time with peace of mind. Wherever you are, you can start a new journey of Japanese language learning with our online Japanese tutoring service.

【For Japanese Learners】 Limited to 10 people Free Consultation & Japanese Lesson

↑Click to the website!

We are organizing a free Japanese language consultation & free Japanese lesson for Japanese learners.

  • “Even though I’m studying Japanese, I can’t speak it.”
  • “I don’t know how to study Japanese.”
  • “I’m worried that I can’t see any progress.”

Our Japanese Language Learning Counselors would be happy to listen to the concerns of such beginner- or intermediate-level Japanese language learners and advise them on how to learn Japanese and solutions that suit their needs.

※Due to the limited time of our Japanese Language Counselors, we limit the number of participants to 10.

We at Ohanasi Kagawa are currently hosting an online Japanese-English language exchange event on weekends.
However, we have noticed that there are many people who want to participate but are not confident enough in their Japanese to do so.

We are holding this free Japanese language study consultation in the hope that we can help Japanese learners find hints to help them move forward.
You can book through the calendar below, and we will send you a link for the free counseling by e-mail.
If you’d like to take a Japanese lesson, you can take it for free during this time.