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In this article, we will show you how to learn Japanese in a short period of time by using efficient learning methods. Let’s improve your Japanese language skills by using accelerated Learning methods and Japanese language hacks. Read to the end and you will be able to learn Japanese efficiently!

1. Utilizing Accelerated Japanese Learning Methods

learn japanese fast

In this section, we will introduce effective methods for accelerating your Japanese language learning. The three methods we will be discussing are

– Spacing Effect

– TPR (Total Physical Response)

– Shadowing

By utilizing these methods, you can improve your Japanese language skills in a short period of time.

1-1. Learning with the Spacing Effect

The spacing effect is a phenomenon in which learning at regular intervals enhances memory retention. Let’s learn Japanese vocabulary and grammar efficiently by using this effect. For example, it is recommended to use Anki, which allows you to create your own vocabulary cards with questions and answers, or to create a study schedule on a calendar. It is also a good idea to adjust the timing of your review.

1-2. Japanese Learning with TPR (Total Physical Response)

TPR is a learning method that combines physical actions and is effective for memorizing words and phrases. By learning Japanese while actually performing the actions, it is easier to retain them in memory. For example, some ideas include memorizing verbs such as “stand” and “sit” while actually performing the actions that match the meaning of the verb, or memorizing nouns by using actual objects in your home. If you have a practice partner, you can also try role-playing that incorporates gestures.

1-3. Japanese Shadowing Technique

The shadowing technique is a method of listening to Japanese audio or video and practicing aloud at the same time. This method is effective in improving both listening and pronunciation skills at the same time. Shadowing with podcasts or audio materials is recommended as an easy way to learn. If you want to study while having fun, you can practice shadowing with Japanese movies and dramas. You can also ask your online conversation partner to “shadow” you if you have someone you can ask.

2. Mastering Japanese Language Hacks

learn japanese fast

In this section, we will introduce some hacks and techniques to help you learn Japanese more efficiently. In this article, we summarize the following three.

– Using Kanji radicals 

– Understanding the phonetic alphabet

– Learning Sentence Patterns

By utilizing these Japanese language hacks, you will enjoy learning Japanese!

2-1. Learning Kanji with Radicals

Radicals are the building blocks of Kanji. By learning these, you can learn the meaning and reading of kanji efficiently. Let’s combine radicals when learning kanji. Start by learning the shape and meaning of the basic radicals. After that, you need to practice finding the radicals and guessing the meaning of the kanji. Once you know the radicals, you can create and learn the story of the kanji.

2-2. Understanding Japanese Sound Changes

Japanese sound changes are phonological phenomena related to word and grammatical changes. By understanding sound changes, you will be able to learn Japanese pronunciation and grammar more efficiently. First, there are continuous phonetic stanzas, such as when “aruku” becomes “aruite” instead of “arukite”. Second, you should also know sequential voicing (rendaku), which combines the (hana) and (koe) forms to become hana-goe. By learning the rules and exceptions to the phonetic rules, you will be able to guess when you encounter unfamiliar words.

2-3. Learning Japanese Sentence Patterns

By learning Japanese Sentence Patterns, you can learn grammar efficiently. Let’s master the basic sentence patterns and learn to use them in daily conversation. First, it is essential to memorize the five basic sentence patterns of Japanese. To firmly establish what you have memorized, repeatedly solve practice problems using the sentence patterns. As an application, you will gain confidence if you can practice to the point of utilizing the sentence patterns in your own daily conversation.

3. Utilizing Intensive Japanese Courses

learn japanese fast

In this section, we will show you how to improve your Japanese language skills in a short period of time by taking advantage of intensive Japanese courses. In this article, we will focus on the following three points.

– How to choose an online intensive Japanese course

– How to study in an intensive Japanese language course

– Follow-up after the Intensive Japanese Language Course

Let’s maximize your learning in the Intensive Japanese Language Course by following the points.

3-1. Choosing an Online Intensive Japanese Course

There are many online intensive Japanese language courses offered, but it is important to choose the right course for you. Here are some points to help you choose the right one. The most important thing is to make sure that the course content and goals match your needs. If you feel it is a good fit, check the reputation of the course by referring to reviews and ratings. If a free trial lesson is available, be sure to attend and check the atmosphere.

3-2. Studying in an Intensive Japanese Course

This section introduces learning methods and tips for effective learning in an Intensive Japanese Course. By adopting effective study methods, you will improve your Japanese language skills in a short period of time. First, it is essential to manage your schedule and establish a study habit. Let’s make learning a routine and integrate it into your daily life. Of course, it is also essential to accumulate independent study outside of class. Also, make active use of the feedback you receive in the course by keeping a record of it and reflecting on it regularly.

3-3. Follow-up After an Intensive Japanese Course

Follow-up after an Intensive Japanese Course is necessary to consolidate what you have learned. Here we will introduce some effective follow-up methods. Reviewing and practicing what you have learned is essential for follow-up. However, there are limits to what you can do alone, so we recommend joining a Japanese language learning community or finding an online language exchange partner.

For example, Ohanasi Kagawa hosts free online language exchange events on weekends. Japanese learners and English learners are paired one-on-one and practice switching the language they speak for 15 minutes at a time. Since they have time to output to each other, they can practice without hesitation rather than being taught one way or the other. You can build a relationship where you can teach each other, so if you want to make friends in Japan, please check out the details of this program.

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In this article, we have introduced the shadowing method, Japanese language hacks, and the use of intensive Japanese language courses as efficient ways to learn Japanese. If you can successfully incorporate these methods into your life, you can improve your Japanese language skills in a short time. Find the learning method or course that suits you best and continue to enjoy learning Japanese!

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