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What kind of Japanese do you need to travel to Japan? In this article, we have compiled information on how to master the Japanese language for travelers. By learning Japanese from home, you can enjoy your trip to Japan more. With online Japanese language study programs, you can learn at your own pace and master basic phrases and expressions. You will be able to communicate smoothly in everyday situations such as ordering at restaurants, shopping, and using public transportation. The advantage of the online learning environment is that you can interact with quality instructors and get real-time feedback to improve your pronunciation and conversation skills. Furthermore, by learning from home, you are not limited by time and location, so you can learn more efficiently. Learning Japanese language starting from home is a valuable experience for you to acquire basic communication skills before your trip and to deepen your interaction with the local culture and people. To enrich your travel experience, try learning Japanese at home!

Why learning Japanese for travelers is important for your trip

Understanding the basics of the Japanese language is crucial to a better travel experience in Japan. Being proficient in basic Japanese is essential for communicating with locals and gaining a better understanding of the culture. Whether you are ordering or asking questions at a local restaurant, getting directions and information at tourist spots, or using public transportation, using Japanese to communicate smoothly will help you enjoy a memorable trip! Furthermore, understanding the Japanese language will give you more opportunities to interact with the locals and experience Japanese culture. Learning the basics of the Japanese language is more than just giving directions and ordering food; it is part of a heart-to-heart exchange and cultural experience for the traveler.

– Breaking the Language Barrier: Ordering Meals Like a Local
– Let’s learn basic phrases for traveling in Japan.

Let’s take a look at these two points!

Breaking the Language Barrier: Ordering Your Meal Like a Local

Knowing simple phrases can be very helpful when ordering a meal at a Japanese restaurant. For example, at a sushi restaurant, you can say “Onegaishimasu” and make specific orders such as “Maguro wo kudasai” or “Sushi no moriawase wo onegaishimasu“. At a ramen restaurant, you understand the different types of ramen and can order the ramen that best suits your taste. You can smoothly choose a menu item by ordering, “Miso ramen wo onegaishimasu,” or “Chashu-men wo kudasai.” It is also important to provide allergy information at restaurants. For example, if you tell them, “Komugi allergy ga arunode komugi wa tukawanaidekudasai.”(I have a wheat allergy, so please don’t use wheat), they will provide you with a meal suitable for you. In this way, using simple phrases will make meal ordering smoother and allow you to enjoy a meal tailored to your preferences and allergies. It will also facilitate communication with the staff and make your dining experience more pleasant. We recommend that you learn these phrases to better enjoy your meals at Japanese restaurants.

Let’s learn basic phrases for traveling in Japan

When traveling in Japan, it is important to learn basic Japanese phrases. Using phrases such as greetings, thank yous, directions, and ordering will enable you to communicate more smoothly. For example, using greeting phrases will make you more comfortable meeting and interacting with locals. Also, by using phrases for directions, you can ask locals for help when you are lost or using public transportation. Furthermore, using phrases for ordering and asking questions at restaurants and stores will make your local dining and shopping experience smoother. Using basic Japanese phrases can help you communicate with locals and gain a better understanding of their culture and customs. You will also get reactions and smiles from the locals, which will make your travel experience more fulfilling. Having a good command of basic Japanese phrases is essential to making your trip to Japan a richer experience.

Don’t get lost on Japanese roads: Ask for directions

Basic phrases are useful when asking for directions in Japan. When checking your destination on a map, ask for directions such as, “Koko ni ikitai no desu ga, konobasyo wa donogurai hanareteimasuka?” (I want to go here, how far away is this place?) or “Konobasyo made no saiteki na keiro wa nandesuka?” (What is the best way to get to this location?) . When asking for directions on public transportation, use phrases such as “00eki ni ikuniha donoressya ni norebaiidesuka?” (Which train do I take to get to station 00?) or “Konobasu wa 00 e ikimasu ka?” (Does this bus go to 00?) to get information on the correct direction to go. When giving directions on the road, it is common to ask people around you. For example, “00 eno saitankeiro wa donomichi wo susumebaiidesuka?” (Which road is the shortest way to get to 00?”) or “00nochikaku no restrant wo osietekudasai” (Can you tell me about a restaurant near 00?) When asking for directions, proceed with communication while being respectful of the other person’s language and culture. Gestures and the use of maps can also help. By using simple phrases, polite communication, and accurate information, you can ensure that you receive smooth directions.

Advantages of Learning Japanese for Travelers Online

There are many advantages to learning Japanese for travelers online. It’s a convenient and effective way to learn Japanese for travelers. Enjoy your stay in Japan more by learning Japanese for Travelers online and then going on a trip. You can learn phrases and expressions to facilitate communication and cultural exchange with the locals. Below is a closer look at the convenience of online and our Ohanasi Kagawa events!

Learning at your own pace: Online convenience

Online learning greatly enhances the convenience of learning. One of the most significant advantages is the ability to learn at your own pace. Materials and content will be available on demand, and you will be able to set your own learning schedule. In addition, you can study from any location, so you can study at home, in a café, at the library, or anywhere else you like. In addition, online learning offers real-time feedback and learning support. You’ll be able to communicate with other learners and instructors through the online platform and community to ask questions and resolve doubts. In addition, you can also receive feedback and advice from your instructor through online chats and video calls. These advantages allow learners to deepen their learning in a learning environment with flexibility and freedom. Not only can you learn at your own pace and not be restricted by location or time, but you can also receive real-time feedback and learning support, which is an advantage all its own. Online learning is an excellent option that allows learners to create an effective learning environment tailored to their individual needs and to learn efficiently.

We at Ohanasi Kagawa host free online language exchange events on weekends. Japanese and English learners are paired one-on-one and switch between Japanese and English every 15 minutes. As mentioned earlier, the strength of this program is that it provides real-time feedback. Various rules have been set to ensure safe participation, so if you are new to online events, please check them out.

Learning Japanese for travelers is essential to making your experience in Japan rich and satisfying, and Ohanasi Kagawa’s online events allow you to learn Japanese at your own pace, in your own time and place, while having fun. From ordering at a Japanese restaurant to requesting directions, start preparing to make your trip to Japan smoother and more enjoyable!

【For Japanese Learners】 Limited to 10 people Free Consultation & Japanese Lesson

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We are organizing a free Japanese language consultation & free Japanese lesson for Japanese learners.

  • “Even though I’m studying Japanese, I can’t speak it.”
  • “I don’t know how to study Japanese.”
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Our Japanese Language Learning Counselors would be happy to listen to the concerns of such beginner- or intermediate-level Japanese language learners and advise them on how to learn Japanese and solutions that suit their needs.

※Due to the limited time of our Japanese Language Counselors, we limit the number of participants to 10.

We at Ohanasi Kagawa are currently hosting an online Japanese-English language exchange event on weekends.
However, we have noticed that there are many people who want to participate but are not confident enough in their Japanese to do so.

We are holding this free Japanese language study consultation in the hope that we can help Japanese learners find hints to help them move forward.
You can book through the calendar below, and we will send you a link for the free counseling by e-mail.
If you’d like to take a Japanese lesson, you can take it for free during this time.