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Do you want to have friends you can talk to in Japanese? If you look for people you can talk to in Japanese in your daily life, the number of people you can talk to is limited, isn’t it? Online Japanese language exchange events are a great opportunity to make learning Japanese effective and fun. Participants who speak different languages can teach each other and practice practical use of Japanese and realistic conversation. The convenience of online participation without the constraints of location or time is also an attractive feature. Through interaction with participants from different cultures, you can broaden your international perspective. You can also deepen your own understanding by using your skills to teach Japanese to other participants. Online language exchange events are recommended for those who want to improve their Japanese language skills while having fun. Join us and accelerate your Japanese language learning journey through interaction with new friends!

 Why Japanese Language Exchange Events Help You Learn?

Why a language exchange event? You may be wondering why Japanese language exchange events are a great opportunity for learners to support each other’s language learning. By participating, you will be able to use practical Japanese and get real-time feedback. Not only will you improve your daily conversation and cultural understanding through conversations with other participants, but you will also receive feedback from other participants on your pronunciation and grammar. An added benefit is that you will learn while gaining a broader perspective through cross-cultural exchange. Language exchange events are a great opportunity for learners to help each other improve their Japanese language skills and have fun while learning through interaction with new friends. Join us and make your Japanese language study more effective! Below is a summary of natural learning through dialogue and meeting new friends.

Natural Learning through Dialogue

Dialogue at language exchange events can be very beneficial for improving your actual conversational skills. First, you can learn Japanese in a natural conversational flow. Through realistic dialogue, you will acquire the skills to apply Japanese to actual communication. Another key point is that you will receive immediate feedback. By receiving feedback on your pronunciation and grammar from other participants, you will be able to express yourself satisfactorily. Furthermore, you’ll be able to enjoy conversations on a wide variety of topics. Participants will be able to discuss their interests and experiences with each other and share different perspectives and cultures. This will not only broaden your conversational skills, but also deepen your understanding of different cultures and international perspectives. Language exchange events are a very effective way to improve your practical conversational skills. Enjoy a natural conversation on a wide variety of topics, while valuing feedback!

Meeting new friends

Language exchange events are a great opportunity to make new friends. By meeting participants who share common interests and interacting with participants from around the world, you can experience diverse cultures and perspectives. You can build deep connections through communication that transcends language barriers, so friendships will naturally develop. In addition, you will be motivated to learn with your new friends, and you will be able to improve your language skills while having fun. Furthermore, through cross-cultural exchange, you will be exposed to the diversity of the world and broaden your own horizons. Language exchange events are a chance to develop practical communication skills and cross-cultural understanding through meeting new friends beyond the boundaries of language learning.

 What are the benefits of an online Japanese language exchange event?

What are the benefits of an online Japanese language exchange event? Online language exchange events are particularly attractive because of their freedom and reliable support system, regardless of location. Participants can participate from home or anywhere they have access to the Internet, allowing them to focus on learning without being limited by transportation or distance. In addition, online chat support is provided in the online environment, where a dedicated staff member responds quickly to participants’ questions and concerns. Pre- and post-session preparation and review time will be provided before and after each session to ensure that participants get the most out of their learning experience. In addition, technical issues are handled promptly, allowing participants to attend the event with peace of mind. Japanese language exchange events enjoyed online offer the freedom to focus on learning without the constraints of location and the peace of mind that comes with the support of dedicated staff. Let’s take a closer look at each of these options below!

Freedom to choose your location

First, let me explain the freedom to choose any location. Online language exchange events offer freedom and convenience to participants. Since you can participate from home, you can focus on learning without being limited by transportation or location. And because you can choose from multiple time slots, you can adjust your study time to fit your schedule. Often, consideration is also given to those participating from outside Japan. Furthermore, since there is no need to travel to a specific location, there are no transportation costs or travel time burdens. Specifically, online communication tools make it easy to participate. No special preparation is required, and you can easily participate from the comfort of your home or office, allowing you to learn at your own pace. This freedom and convenience allows you to effectively continue your language learning even in the midst of your busy daily life. Join an online language exchange event, create a learning environment that suits you, and improve your language skills.

Reliable support system

Ohanasi Kagawa‘s online Japanese language exchange events provide participants with a meticulous support system. Basically, English and Japanese language learners talk in one-on-one pairs, but there are staff members patrolling the area so that they can call on each other at any time. If they have any difficulties while speaking with a partner, they can get immediate support via chat or by accessing the staff room directly. These support systems ensure that participants can attend events with confidence and learn Japanese effectively. We invite you to join an Ohanasi Kagawa event and experience a well-rounded and supportive learning experience.

Our Ohanasi Kagawa online Japanese language exchange events are a fun and efficient way to support your Japanese language learning. We offer learning through natural conversation, meeting new friends, the freedom to choose your location, and a reliable support system. Why not try a new learning experience?

【For Japanese Learners】 Limited to 10 people Free Consultation & Japanese Lesson

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We are organizing a free Japanese language consultation & free Japanese lesson for Japanese learners.

  • “Even though I’m studying Japanese, I can’t speak it.”
  • “I don’t know how to study Japanese.”
  • “I’m worried that I can’t see any progress.”

Our Japanese Language Learning Counselors would be happy to listen to the concerns of such beginner- or intermediate-level Japanese language learners and advise them on how to learn Japanese and solutions that suit their needs.

※Due to the limited time of our Japanese Language Counselors, we limit the number of participants to 10.

We at Ohanasi Kagawa are currently hosting an online Japanese-English language exchange event on weekends.
However, we have noticed that there are many people who want to participate but are not confident enough in their Japanese to do so.

We are holding this free Japanese language study consultation in the hope that we can help Japanese learners find hints to help them move forward.
You can book through the calendar below, and we will send you a link for the free counseling by e-mail.
If you’d like to take a Japanese lesson, you can take it for free during this time.