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What resources are available for learning Japanese online? There is so much information out there that it is hard to know which one to use. In this article, we will introduce online Japanese learning resources for beginners and explain in detail how to learn Japanese effectively. We will show you how you can take advantage of the benefits and convenience of online learning and learn Japanese at home or at your own pace. Through this guide, beginners can get a well-rounded start to online Japanese language study and improve their Japanese language skills with confidence!

Why You Need Japanese Language Learning Resources

Need Japanese Language Learning Resources

Understanding the importance of resources in learning Japanese is essential. From beginners to advanced learners, effective resources can help Japanese language learners learn more smoothly and efficiently. This section will explain the features and benefits of various resources, including online courses and language apps. We have also compiled specific advice on how to choose and utilize the resources. Learn grammar and vocabulary and improve your listening and speaking skills through the variety of materials and exercises provided by Japanese language learning resources.

Types of Learning Resources and How to Use Them

How to Use

There are a variety of free Japanese language learning resources available to beginners. Below is a list of specific types and how to use them!

Online dictionaries:
Online dictionaries are useful for quickly checking the meaning and usage of Japanese words and phrases. For example, online dictionaries such as Weblio and Jisho allow you to get detailed information by simply typing a word in the search box.

Resources with phrases commonly used in everyday conversation can be useful for practical practice. For example, a Japanese conversation book or an everyday phrase book can help you learn expressions and cultural knowledge that you can use in your daily life. Once you have memorized the phrases, you can practice using them in real life.

Voice learning service:
Use audio learning services to improve your Japanese pronunciation and listening skills. For example, by listening to free audio content provided by NHK World Japan and other Japanese language resource sites, you can become familiar with accurate pronunciation and natural rhythm.

The key to taking advantage of these resources is to first select the appropriate resource for your learning goals. For example, if you want to look up words, use an online dictionary; if you want to practice daily conversation, use a phrase book. Also, when using audio learning services, it is important to develop the habit of listening to them regularly.

When utilizing the resource, actively review the usage and example sentences and practice so that you can use them in real conversations and contexts. Regular continuity is important, so it is important to make it a habit to work on it a little bit each day. Enjoy learning Japanese by freely combining and utilizing resources according to your own learning style!

Let’s take advantage of learning sites and apps for beginners!

take advantage of learning sites

From here, let’s take a look at learning sites and apps for beginners!

– “JLPT Sensei” is an online Japanese language course that helps you learn basic grammar and expressions for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). With a wealth of free resources available, you can deepen your understanding of grammar through visual lessons and exercises. You can learn at your own level, from beginner to advanced. The most effective way is to work on example sentences and exercises as you go through the lessons in the course.

– “Duolingo” is an application that allows you to learn Japanese like a game. Through short lessons and quiz-style exercises, you can learn Japanese grammar and vocabulary. The application is designed to be easy to use and easy to keep up with. You can track your progress and study points, so you can check your performance and progress as you go along. The most effective way to use the app is to work on it a little bit each day to ensure continuous learning.

– “Easy Japanese” is a website that offers Japanese reading materials adjusted to the level of beginners. Through short articles and stories, you can train your Japanese reading comprehension skills. The text is simple and easy to understand, and the use of kanji is limited, making it easy for beginners to tackle. An effective way to use the site is to select articles on topics that interest you and practice them repeatedly to improve your comprehension of the text. Also, keep active learning in mind by summarizing your problems and opinions after reading!

Interact with native Japanese speakers online!

Interact with native Japanese speakers online

Next, we have compiled a list of ways to interact with native Japanese speakers online!

– “Ohanasi Kagawa” hosts free online language exchange events. The events are held six times a month, and you can find a language exchange partner who is a native Japanese speaker! Instead of teaching English, you will be matched with a Japanese person who wants to learn English. Interaction with a language exchange partner is very important for developing real communication skills in learning Japanese, and since we switch the language we speak for 15 minutes at a time, even beginners may find it easy to participate.

– You can join Japanese conversation clubs on online platforms such as “Meetup” and “ConversationExchange”. In these clubs, you will have the opportunity to speak Japanese in a group setting. By participating in regular online events and video chat sessions, you can communicate with native Japanese speakers and learners of Japanese! Group conversations will help you improve your practical conversational skills in a large group setting.

– Online services such as “iTalki” and “HelloTalk” allow you to have one-on-one video chats with native Japanese speakers. These services allow online lessons and language exchange with certified native speakers. Through video chat, you can practice your Japanese and receive feedback in real time! With one-on-one sessions, I can have a customized learning experience that meets my individual needs and learning goals.

How to motivate yourself to continue studying Japanese

continue studying Japanese

From here, we will introduce how to motivate yourself to continue learning Japanese for a long period of time. Let’s consider goal setting, study plans, self-reflection and feedback!

Goal Setting and Study Plan

continue studying Japanese

Goal setting and learning plans are important for effective learning.

Specific goal setting based on SMART provides clear direction and motivation. Visualizing the achievement of your goals will make it easier for you to realize your progress. Setting realistic and achievable goals will also increase the effectiveness of your learning. Setting deadlines will help you manage your learning progress and promote focused learning.

When creating a study schedule, it is important to find the times of day when you are most focused and incorporate learning into those times. By setting aside a set amount of time for study, you will be able to achieve continuous learning. Estimate the appropriate amount of time for your study and create a specific schedule. It is also important to incorporate appropriate breaks.

Goal setting and a study plan can help with self-discipline. Having clear goals and a specific schedule will maximize the effectiveness of your learning. Also, following through on your plan will help you stay motivated. Be flexible and adjust your plan to fit your learning style and time usage!

Self-reflection and getting feedback

Self-reflection and getting feedback

Self-reflection and feedback from others play an important role in improving learning outcomes. Create a learning log to visualize your learning progress and conduct self-analysis. You can also receive feedback from online tutors and language exchange partners to help you identify and improve your learning weaknesses. Together, these elements will help you find effective learning directions and promote your growth! Incorporate regular self-reflection and feedback from others to ensure that you are learning effectively!

Continue learning while having fun

Continue learning while having fun

Finally, here are some tips to help you continue your Japanese language study while having fun

Watch Japanese movies and dramas to improve your listening skills and learn about Japanese culture and expressions.

Listen to Japanese music and podcasts to learn natural phrases and pronunciation while relaxing.

∙ Improve your vocabulary and reading comprehension skills by reading content written in Japanese (manga, novels, news articles, etc.).

∙ Enjoy learning by using Japanese language study materials related to topics and activities that interest you.

Join a study group or community to learn together and motivate yourself.

By following these tips, you can enjoy and continue learning Japanese. Take full advantage of the online resources listed above while deepening your learning at your own pace!

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Our Japanese Language Learning Counselors would be happy to listen to the concerns of such beginner- or intermediate-level Japanese language learners and advise them on how to learn Japanese and solutions that suit their needs.

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