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【Tokyo vs Osaka vs Fukuoka】How do they say “what are you doing? “ in their Japanese dialect?

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【Tokyo vs Osaka vs Fukuoka】How do they say “what are you doing? “ in their Japanese dialect?

Hello everyone, this is Aki from Ohanasi Kagawa, Ohanasi Japanese Language School.

Today, I would like to share with you about Japanese dialects.

Have you ever thought about this when you are studying Japanese?

What? I’ve never heard this word in Japanese.

It may be because of the Japanese dialect.

Each prefecture in Japan has its own dialect, and I think it is very unique.

Let’s see the difference in “what are you doing?” between Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka!!

1. Tokyo: 標準語 (ひょうじゅんご) “Standard Japanese”

なにしてるの?” what are you doing?”

In Tokyo, people speak standard Japanese.

However, since people from various prefectures gather in Tokyo, many people may try to force themselves to speak in standard Japanese. (Because they don’t understand their own dialect LOL)

Example sentence

友達: ねえAki、なにしてるの?

Friend: Hey, Aki. What are you doing?

Aki: 日本語の勉強してるよ。

Aki: I’m studying Japanese.

New words: 日本語 = にほんご = Japanese / 勉強 = べんきょう = study

2. Osaka = 関西弁 (かんさいべん) “ Kansai dialect

なにしてんねん?” what are you doing?

Kansai-ben is one of the very popular dialects and many Japanese language learners study it.

The Kansai dialect sounds very casual and often gives a friendly impression.

Osaka is also a very popular place for comedy in Japan.

Example sentence

友達: ねえAki、なにしてんねん?

Friend: Hey, Aki. What are you doing?

Aki: 日本語の勉強しとんねん

Aki: I’m studying Japanese.

3. Fukuoka = 博多弁 (はかたべん) “ Hakata dialect

なにしようと?” what are you doing?

The Hakata dialect in Fukuoka Prefecture is so cute that it is ranked number one on the list of dialects Japanese people want their girlfriends to speak.

I lived in Fukuoka for about two years, and Fukuoka’s Hakata dialect is seriously cute.

For a real Hakata dialect, check out this video!

Click to check the real Hakata dialect

Example sentence

友達: ねえAki、なにしようと?

Friend: Hey Aki, what are you doing?

Aki: 日本語の勉強してる。

Aki: I’m studying Japanese.

How did you like Japanese dialects?

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