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You must be surprised by the Japanese people. Three trendy Japanese words in 2022!!

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You must be surprised by the Japanese people. Three trendy Japanese words in 2022!!

Today, I would like to share with you three trendy words that are lately often used in Japan!

In Japan, trendy words are updated every year, especially by the younger generation.

Try using these 3 trendy words when talking to Japanese people at Ohanasi Kagawa!!

Japanese people must be surprised when they hear you use these words!

So let’s learn and use these words!

1. (草) = くさ = lol

The meaning of “(草)” is “lol” and is often added to the end of a message!

In Japan, the word “(笑)” is also used at the end of emails and messages, and it has the same meaning with the word “(草)”

It is very useful when you want to express your pleasant feelings.

Example sentence

友達: 昨日のFriendsみた?

Friend: Did you watch Friends last night?

Aki: チャンドラーがおもしろすぎて(草)

Aki: Chandler is too funny lol.

New words: 昨日 = きのう = yesterday

2. それな = That’s true!

それな is a word that expresses that you and the other person share the same thoughts.

Example sentence

友達: Aki、今日の宿題多すぎない?

Friend: Aki, too much homework today, don’t you think?

Aki: それな

Aki: That’s true.

New words: 今日 = きょう = today / 宿題 = しゅくだい = homework

3. きまずい or きまず = Awkward

きまずい is used when you have seen something you should not have seen or said something you should not have said, causing a complicated atmosphere in the relationship with the other party.

Example sentence

Aki: おれ君のことが好きだ!

Aki: I like you!

女性: ごめん、わたしはべつに好きじゃない。

Girl: You’re not my type, sorry.

Aki: きまず

Aki: Awkward.

New words : 君 = きみ = you / 好き = すき = like

How did you like the three new trending words today?

Once you’ve learned new words, you should use them right away at Ohanasi Kagawa!

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