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In this article, we will show you how to learn Japanese online and help you find the right course for you. We have compiled a list of recommended online Japanese courses, how to choose an online Japanese course, and effective ways to learn Japanese online. Read to the end and you will find the online Japanese language course that is right for you!

Recommended online Japanese course

japanese online course

First, we will introduce some popular online Japanese language courses and explain the features and ratings of each.

  • Japanese language courses for beginners
  • Japanese language courses for intermediate and advanced students

Let’s look at these two categories.

Japanese courses for beginners online

We will introduce online Japanese courses suitable for beginners and suggest effective learning methods. The timing of your first exposure to Japanese is when you are most likely to fall behind. To prevent this, first check the quality of the course materials and content. If a trial lesson is available, we recommend that you take it. Also  the support system and communication method are important. Please check to see if they can answer questions via Zoom, if they only use email or chat, and if you can receive real-time support during your own study time. And it’s also important to find out if the cost and learning period are in line with your budget and learning goals. Take time to think about when and at what level you would like to be by.

Japanese language courses for intermediate and advanced students

This section introduces online Japanese courses suitable for intermediate and advanced learners, and explains how to study and proceed. Once you reach the intermediate or advanced level, you will probably have a better idea of your strengths and weaknesses. If you have skills that you particularly focus on, we recommend courses to strengthen your speaking and listening skills. Also, if you are aiming for a job or higher education using Japanese, it would be a good idea to take a course to learn business Japanese or specialized vocabulary to improve your efficiency. Those who want to enjoy Japanese culture more like a hobby may want to take a course to learn about culture and history.

How to choose an online Japanese language course

japanese online course

Next, we will introduce some points to consider when choosing an online Japanese language course.

  • Choose a course that meets your goals and objectives
  • Check course evaluations and reviews
  • Check the support system of the online Japanese language course

Let’s check these three points.

Choose a course that meets your goals and objectives

The first point to consider is whether you want to focus on conversation skills or reading and writing. The second is whether you want to learn Japanese for work or pleasure, or for everyday conversation. It depends on whether you want to learn specialized vocabulary or vocabulary that is closely related to your daily life. Finally, whether you will study for a short period of time or for a long period of time. This should be considered in conjunction with the level you are aiming for.

Check course evaluations and reviews

Here are some ways to check ratings and reviews to help you choose a course. First, the easiest place to look is online review and evaluation sites. The advantage is that they are written by an unspecified number of people, so the population is large, but the disadvantage is that you cannot expect much credibility. A little more reliable are reviews on social networking sites and forums. At this time, we recommend looking at personal accounts, which are usually updated frequently. And if you are surrounded by people who are learning Japanese, it is a good idea to get introductions from acquaintances or friends. You can ask them for more details about what they are interested in, so you can gather more information.

Check the support system of the online Japanese language course

Here are some points to consider when choosing an online Japanese language course with a good support system. First, check if the environment is conducive to asking questions and asking for advice. We recommend courses that have a homeroom teacher system, a buddy system, or a system that allows students to ask questions and seek advice. Another indicator is whether there is an active online community or group activities. If there is a community of learners, you can share learning tips. And you should also look at the level of customer support and follow-up services. Online courses often have systemic problems, so it is important that there is a system in place that can be consulted immediately.

Effective ways to learn Japanese online

japanese online course

Here are some effective learning methods and habits for studying Japanese online.

  • Get into the habit of practicing on a daily basis
  • Find a learning method that works for you
  • Maintain motivation for learning

We will focus on these three points.

Establish a daily practice habit

First, We would like to suggest a daily practice habit that is effective for learning Japanese. You can either devote your study time to your commute to work or school, or you can set a reminder to set aside some time. It is also effective to use smartphone apps and websites. Why not replace the time you spend on your phone or computer with study time? Keep your study apps and websites on your computer desktop and in a prominent place on your phone’s home screen. Moreover, joining a language exchange partner or study group is also a great idea. The advantage of joining these activities is that if you book ahead of time, you can ensure that you will have time to study during that time.

Finding the right learning method for you

Here are some tips for finding the right fit among the various learning methods. First, spend some time clarifying whether your learning goal is to focus on listening and speaking or reading and writing. If reading books is not your thing, you may find it easier to study by using online materials or videos. For example, videos allow you to study while doing housework. Also, if you prefer to focus on interaction, communicate via chat or email. If you communicate in Japanese, you will feel a sense of accomplishment when you get your message across.

How to maintain motivation for learning

Here are some ways to stay motivated when learning Japanese online. The most effective way is to set a learning goal or deadline. By clarifying what you want to become and setting a deadline, it will be easier to make a plan. It is also important to keep track of the progress of the plan you have made and check your achievements. Please take time to look back and visualize your growth. If you are not comfortable studying at a desk, try taking time to enjoy learning by experiencing Japanese culture, dramas, and movies. You will find that Japanese is interesting and you will be motivated to learn more! 

To learn Japanese online, it is important to choose a course that suits you and to adopt an effective learning method. Please refer to the points introduced in this article to find the online Japanese language course that is right for you.

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