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【ADVICE to Japanese learners】Vol.2/ Do you lend your ears to Japanese friends?

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Do you have some Japanese friends? If you do, I believe that today’s topic is useful when you talk with them !!

Hi!! I’m Satomi in Ohanasi Japanese Language School.
Today, I’ll teach you about 5 important points that Japanese people feel is important in the conversation.

The 5 important points of 【傾聴】

So, what should you be careful of when you communicate with Japanese people? I’ll share you 5 important things to keep in mind talking with them.

  1. 1.Gazing : In general, it’s better to gaze at friends every 3 seconds.You don’t need to stare at your friends for more than 5 seconds. (It might make your friends nervous.)
  2. 2.Smiling:In order to not make them feel uncomfortable, it’s good to smile when you listen to what they are saying. Even if there is a “silent time” in the conversation, it’s not a big deal. If there is, don’t feel rushed, and stay calm.
  3. 3.Nodding:Many Japanese people tend to nod during conversation, because it shows their interest in others. It’s better to nod while saying “なるほど”(I see.), “わたしもです”(Me too.), or similar expressions.
  4. 4.Talking to:For example, when you talk to them, calling their name with “~さん” is such an effective way to make good conversation in Japan.Also, it’s a good way to prioritize that they’re saying.
  5. 5.Praise:You don’t need to say exaggerated things to them, because many Japanese people are often modest if you praise them too much. Like… “Your clothes today are so nice!  It really suits today’s weather”. Choice of clothing can be an easy way to give praise. It won’t make them so nervous.

 When you communicate with Japanese people, it’s important to help them feel comfortable. A comfortable mood will help them feel relaxed when talking with you. I hope you can talk with Japanese friends with these 5 points.

Let’s use it in real conversation !!

You can’t improve communication skills without trying to practice, and that’s true for whatever you want to learn. Of course, it’s hard to do well at first. Also, I think it’s important to try little by little. But, how can you get an opportunity to practice talking with Japanese people?

You can join the free online event, Ohanasi Kagawa. This is an online platform where you can practice conversation with native Japanese people. It’s a fun, educational way to spend the evening!

You can join the event any number of times and talk with a lot of Japanese people. You don’t need to be afraid of making mistakes here, because it is an event for all levels of language learners. You can practice 【傾聴】here. Don’t miss this great opportunity to practice ^^

Thank you for reading the blog!
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