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Ever had a “Dream in Japanese?”

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Ever had a "Dream in Japanese?"

Have you ever dreamed of you speaking in Japanese?

You might wonder why I’m asking you out of nowhere.

I believe that this “dream of speaking Japanese” is a signal that you’re closer to being able to speak the language.

You may wonder what dreams have to do with being able to speak Japanese.

When you see a dream of you speaking in Japanese, it is a big sign that your brain is changing into a Japanese brain.

When you have a Japanese brain, you can immediately say “I’m hungry” in Japanese without having to form the sentence in English (or your native language).

Also, when a Japanese person asks you, “How are you?” You will be able to understand the meaning without having to translate it into English (or your native language).

Do you think you have this Japanese brain?

If you had a dream that you were speaking Japanese, you have this Japanese brain.

You will be fluent in Japanese very soon.

I also had a “dream of myself speaking in English” when I was studying English as a second language.

I was even talking in my sleep in English.

Once I started to have the “English-speaking dream,” I remember that I was able to speak English quickly.

What if you could think or understand the meaning in Japanese so well that you even dreamed of yourself using it?

You may be able to imagine yourself talking happily with Japanese people.

For you to have a Japanese brain, we have created a school with a curriculum and teaching materials. It will help you train to become a Japanese brain.

Illustrations are used as the main material to help you understand the image and feel of Japanese vocabulary and grammar.

Furthermore, when you don’t understand a certain word, our teacher will explain it in easier Japanese.

One of our students has actually achieved such results.


Thanks to Japanese language school I could understand the Japanese way of thinking better and it helped me to reach the next level and thus gain confidence.

I felt my improvement when I was able to understand the meaning of sentences faster with less confusion.

The synergy of different part of comprehension : reading, listening, speaking, helped me a lot in my progress.


In an environment where one can think of Japanese in Japanese, you would immediately improve and be able to “see dreams of you speaking Japanese.”

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You will have an environment where you can talk one-on-one with Japanese people.

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