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The Reason why you can’t Improve Japanese

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I can’t speak Japanese, no matter how hard I study.

I’ve learned a lot of vocabulary, but I can’t use it during an actual conversation.

I would feel uncomfortable without a dictionary or translator.

Have you ever had that experience?

The way you’re studying, may be the reason why you still can’t speak.


People who lack confidence in speaking Japanese tend to do the same thing.

They feel the need to learn more vocabulary.

They feel the need to know more grammar.

They think they can’t speak because they haven’t studied enough.

Have you ever seen a friend or another Japanese learner who has been studying Japanese for a shorter period than you or doesn’t know the vocabulary and grammar as well as you but is enjoying a conversation and speaking Japanese naturally with a Japanese person?

Is it because that person has a bright personality?

Is it because that person is not afraid of making a mistake?

Is it because that person has many friends and is used to speaking?

That might be one of the reasons.

But there is one big reason why they can speak Japanese fluently.

“They’re speaking only with words and grammar that they know.”

I won’t be able to have fun with such a little vocabulary and grammar!

Do you really think so?

Please think about it.

“Poor” (mazushi in Japanese)

It is a word you learned in JLPT N2.

Let’s say you wanted to use this word during your conversation but forgot how to say it in English.

What would you do?

“Just wait a second!”

Would you say that and ask for Siri’s help?

You couldn’t enjoy the conversation like that, right?

So, before asking Siri’s help, remember asking yourself,

“Wait, are there any other ways to describe the word?”

Then you might come up with “I have no money.”

This way, you can carry on with your conversation.

“I don’t know the word, but that’s okay because I can say it in other words.”

People who are fluent in Japanese can think like this.

Those people could improve their Japanese and gain confidence.

All right!

So, we can rephrase an unfamiliar word into words you know.

I will do that!

That is correct but wait a minute.

Think about another option.

How would you like to have an environment where you can practice before you use it?

Some have been able to speak Japanese with such ease with only this much practice.

Another person was able to speak with this amount of practice.

Wouldn’t it be nice if this was you?

Just a little practice goes a long way.

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